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Bye, Bye, CrMS

My last sessions with my FCP were via Skype and Josh begged out of the very last one. He ended up overhearing most of it (we have a 1-bedroom apartment), and joining in for the last part of the conversation … Continue reading

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Personality and Fertility Method

I was completely drained after my last CrMS class. The instructor is wonderful and everything went fine, but it was exhausting. It occurred to me that the problem is simply that it is really, really talking intensive. I think that the instruction … Continue reading

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More thoughts on CrMS

Before the second class/first real meeting changes my thoughts, I want to post my initial experience with the famed CrMS. I am sure that I will become a great fan-girl later, so I should get this out while I can … Continue reading

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I Like The Bright Colors And The Babies

One of the advantages of being married to a geek is that he might just end up using words like “fun” and “interesting” to describe the introductory session to CrMS even though he already knew just about all of the … Continue reading