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Full Moon My Foot

And now the whole reverse-PMS thing makes perfect sense. After all, normal women ovulate during the full moon, right? And today during the new moon I suffered through 6 hours of sharp cramping while my body kept me from forgetting … Continue reading

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What Pain?

It is not even a week later and I find myself confused by my last post. After all, this wasn’t a bad cycle. The pain was quite bearable. The mental/emotional havoc, now that is something! But the pain? Bah! I’ve … Continue reading

Living With Endo

The Pain

How to explain The Pain? I rarely write when I am actually in pain (not that I even could write during the worst of it). I suspect that most others may be like me as well. This means that only … Continue reading

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And then it sunk in. The sweet irony that if only I had started the pill a year ago I might be bleary eyed from being up all night with a sick child rather than from hormonal insomnia.

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Bathroom Floors, I Know You Well

This weekend I did not want to just lie in bed in pain. My brother was visiting and so while I did spend a fair amount of time lounging around I also felt the need to do some things. And that is … Continue reading

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Mah Mind

One of the things that I really, really can’t explain to anyone–including myself–is the incredible burden of hormonal issues on my mind. It simply does not function properly. Slash that, I simply do not function properly. But how can I … Continue reading

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Blood 2.0

Last month was fairly typical for the heavy bleeding that I experienced for several years, though it was the worst that it had been in the past few years. It seemed too much to deal with while working and I … Continue reading

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Blood. The real sort.

Blood is one of those things that one just can’t explain. Well, I suppose I could explain it since most people have enough experience with it to grasp the concepts at hand, but it is utterly socially unacceptable. Michelle was … Continue reading

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