Bye, Bye, CrMS

My last sessions with my FCP were via Skype and Josh begged out of the very last one. He ended up overhearing most of it (we have a 1-bedroom apartment), and joining in for the last part of the conversation so that we could be quizzed, but he at least tried to skip out of it.

After it was over and I had managed to not schedule a follow-up appointment, Josh announced that he was never charting Creighton ever again. Amused, I responded with something like oh really? because Josh is far more patient than I am. He has been not only great about keeping multiple charts (4 versions at this point!)  but also very interested in learning all of the main forms of NFP and becoming instructors.

He responded with a less-amused well, not unless I have to!

I told him that he did not have to. I planned to keep the chart up for a while because I thought it would be NFPdoctor’s strong preference since she worked at PPVI for years. But we had pretty clearly determined that it was unhelpful for us, and Josh had already learned far more than the basics, so there wasn’t much point in Josh continuing to practice his skills at charting a useless method.

When Josh realized that I was still keeping up the dreadful chart he said that he would do the charting if I was really sticking with the method. He then put the other charts inside of the CrMS chart so that the worthless chart could serve as protection for the charts he thinks are actually worthwhile! Nothing like a little passive-aggressiveness to let your NFP charts know where they stand, right?

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