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Surprised by Pride. The good kind.

Today I had my follow up appointment with Expert Surgeon. I left the office with a prescription for hormonal contraception and felt surprisingly–no, incredibly–pleased. It did not matter that there was still a huge chance that I would not follow through on filling and taking it. What mattered for the moment was that I had actually taken care of myself by having surgery and getting a prescription for something that could actually make things better.

I remembered Michelle‘s post about feeling like a real woman when she made all of the sexual choices most commonly in line with the Church’s teaching and considered the irony of the fact that I now had that same feeling from getting a prescription so many would condemn.

The current plan is to wait less than a month for the appointment with NFPdoctor and see how that goes, but there is at least the option of hormones now. Thanks be to God!

In other news I seem to have healed perfectly. The doctor warned that it was possible that I could feel fine for the first ovulation/menstruation, but that about half of her patients have a reaction more along the lines of “whatever you took out, put it back in!” so we’ll see about that.

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