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Follow Up

Surprised by Pride. The good kind. Today I had my follow up appointment with Expert Surgeon. I left the office with a prescription for hormonal contraception and felt surprisingly–no, incredibly–pleased. It did not matter that there was still a huge … Continue reading

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Our Lady, Helper of Mothers (to be)

I confess, as much as I believe in science and working to make things happen… if I really wanted a baby I would head to Albuquerque rather than Omaha. We have had a smaller version of this icon in our church … Continue reading

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I had surgery yesterday and was incredibly pleased that Expert Surgeon found and removed endometriosis in precisely the spot where I have had the most pain in the past few years. Most interesting was the fact that that was the … Continue reading

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Mah Mind

One of the things that I really, really can’t explain to anyone–including myself–is the incredible burden of hormonal issues on my mind. It simply does not function properly. Slash that, I simply do not function properly. But how can I … Continue reading

Living With Endo

Waiting and Stewing, and Certainly NOT Thinking!

I can’t wait for surgery. Seriously. I called the chosen doctor’s office for an appointment. I already knew that they accepted my insurance, so it was simply a matter of figuring out the logistics of transportation and timing of the … Continue reading

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