Personality and Fertility Method

I was completely drained after my last CrMS class. The instructor is wonderful and everything went fine, but it was exhausting. It occurred to me that the problem is simply that it is really, really talking intensive.

I think that the instruction model of group classes with the instructor presenting the material, followed up by short meetings with each couple/woman is the best for introverts. That way it is not too much personal focused talking (draining!) but there is also time for people to ask questions they may not be comfortable with in the group setting.

Funny how I never would have considered personality type as an issue of which method is best to learn, but now that I think of it, it is clearly such an important issue with everything from the method of instruction to the ways in which the charts are kept.

So far it looks like CrMS is perfect for ESFJs since it seems perfect for women who are extroverts, trust doctors/”science” more than themselves, and are people pleasers. Of course this is likely different when the issue is just women who are desperate for a baby and nothing else as they are probably operating in a specific way which is not necessarily standard with their personalities. Who knows?

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