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Before the second class/first real meeting changes my thoughts, I want to post my initial experience with the famed CrMS. I am sure that I will become a great fan-girl later, so I should get this out while I can still think clearly.

CrMS was clearly designed by not-young people, not-recently. The examples are out of date, though easy enough to translate into contemporary… except when they aren’t. I can only guess about the substances that they compare to various cervical fluids for explanation.

Also, the format of the instructions is dreadful. It is far, far more confusing/not user friendly than it needs to be. And believe me, I have read a lot of confusing NFP books and materials. Josh says that this might be a good thing since making it unnecessarily complex could keep users on their toes and make us make better observations/chart more faithfully than we would if we were allowed to realize how easy NFP can actually be.

It purports to be perfectly scientific and accurate, and because of that I resent the fact that it isn’t. It is as if it is pretending to be objective about things that are ultimately subjective. And that makes me want to run to Billings. Because with CrMS I can have days where I know the difference in fertility and what is going on, but what I “objectively” observed will fit in the exact same descriptions on the chart, even though the days are NOT essentially the same. It is fine, except that I know there is information being lost, and yet it is still a complex form of charting.

And have I mentioned the organization and typography/layout of the booklet? I have read it multiple times now, but Josh has struggled through a few chapters simply because it is hideous and he hates ugly things. He read all of Taking Charge of Your Fertility and all of our other NFP materials. It seems odd to charge so much for materials and not have them half decently designed. Also, there is a stinking typo on the CHART instructions. How could they miss that a million times?

Finally, I loath the description of “using” days. I never understood why infertile Catholic women had such a distressingly non-Catholic approach to marital intimacy. Now I know. It isn’t necessarily their approach, it is the way they are trained to see it by their CrMS instruction. Not good.

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