I Like The Bright Colors And The Babies

One of the advantages of being married to a geek is that he might just end up using words like “fun” and “interesting” to describe the introductory session to CrMS even though he already knew just about all of the information. Or perhaps it was because he already knew the information that he could focus on analyzing things like the fact that brightly colored stickers are a great¬†psychological¬†trick for making people feel like charts are easy to read.

In any case, he loved it, and that meant that I really, really loved it. I am not sure what we actually learned in terms of fertility facts, but I learned something incredibly important: not all CrMS-types are complete snobs. And this was what I really, really needed to learn.

What he liked? Bright colors and babies (stickers).
What he learned? That Creighton does not use any cross-checks.

What really matters? We are both happy to be going back.


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