Healthy and Happy BEFORE Pregnancy

We want you healthy and we want you happy. And then we want you ovulating with a chart with good hormones and everything else sorted. But if you’re not healthy or happy to begin with, then it is going to be very difficult to get everything else to work right. And this has been born out by clinical experience.

Initially we started out that the fertility care chart tells us about gynecologic health. More and more we are beginning to discover it is not just confided to gynecologic health. If your general health is off, then the fertility chart goes off and it is kind of like your body is saying “you must be joking. I am so unhealthy, I can hardly look after myself let alone reproduce and have to run after a young one.” So your fertility cycle actually slows down and it is like a defense mechanism that your body builds in.  -Dr Phil Boyle

Listen to the whole presentation here.

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