Shiver Me Liver

This week brought the results of basic blood tests.

At the end of the day  I told Josh about the results and he was surprised.

He was not surprised in general, he was surprised that my liver was in great shape.

Now I am overweight, but I am not so fat that I expected liver problems, and my drinking could be only be classified as moderate if you think that Saint Augustine is a “moderate” in his view of sex.

But Josh thought that the amount of painkiller I take would have done serious damage already. Which is a little amusing considering how very hard I work to not take too much pain killer. I typically simply live through headaches because I know I need to save up for the times that I cannot function without pain killer–the times when a crazy dose of naproxen is all that stands between me and multiple sick days each month.

Anyway, the results were generally good overall and the doctor was very impressed with how healthy my diet is and said so at least three times. I think that since I am overweight she had expected poor results. As it turns out one can indeed be both fat and healthy. Or at least have great cholesterol, blood sugar etc. Three cheers for flaxseed and lots of vegetables!

I was happy that my iron levels were normal considering all the bleeding I’ve been doing these days. The only slightly negative result was my vitamin D levels, but hey, I don’t want to get skin cancer. So I will now take the supplement regularly rather than once a week or so.

The doctor skimmed over the fact that my thyroid results were on the high side of normal. I believe my thyroid results were solidly normal a few years ago, so I don’t know if it  was simply a variation in testing or if things are getting worse.

Hopefully the more in depth blood tests will reveal more on that matter.

In the meantime, it is time to drink to a good liver!

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